Hello awesome people of guitar ensemble! (:

I’ve just collected the guitar jacket sample from our supplier and right now I’m going to post a couple of pics of myself wearing it so that you guys can see whther you have made the correct size choices (:

The supplier only gave me one jacket sample of size S (especially since like most people ordered S and most of the people who are unsure of what size to get are the girls).

Basically right… you guys know how tall (or short) I am right? I’m 158cm FYI. And kind of my size, so just like gauge how you’ll look like in the jacket when it looks like that in me. I’m going to crop my head off cuz I look FREAKING UGLY there. Haha! Do take note that the jacket (unzipped) is kind of long but when you zip it up it actually looks decently good (in my opinion). The waist (where the zip starts) may feel tight but I think it’s normal. As in, I feel it’s meant to be that way.  I wear a size 27 jeans (OMG I can’t believe I just announce it to the entire cyberworld). And TALL and SLIM  people should then we able to wear size S cuz the length is sort of  long.

PAUSE -Am I rambling too much?

Another thing! DUDES! Unless you are EXCEPTIONALLY PETIT (which I think none of you are, including people you think is but ISN’T!) S won’t really fit you solely because your shoulder will be too broad for the jacket. The shoulder for the S size falls nicely on mine. My brother’s 169cm (which is not tall at all!) looks GIGANORMOUS in the jacket cuz his shoulder is took freaking broad. So yeah, you be the judge!

Hopefully you guys can have a better idea on how the jacket will look on you. And if anyone wants to change your size, do post a comment on this post by 9.00 p.m. TONITE! Give or take 9.30p.m. so that I can approve the jacket and we can get it ASAP (hopefully by open house day!). I’ve also posted the namelist of your various choice of size and names to be placed on the jacket. So if anyone wants to change your size or name, do let me know ASAP.

Enough RAMBLING! So here goes!

Serial no. Name Size Name at the back of jacket
1 Caleb Chiam XL caleb
2 Chua Jie Run M Jr
3 Davin Ho XL Davin
4 Eunice Lim Rui Fen S eunice
5 Joel Chan Yu Loong M Joel
6 Li Bowen M bowen
7 Ray Tong L Ray
8 Sim Shao Jean XS shao
9 Tan Jia Li Jasmine S Jasmine
10 Ella Choi S ella
11 Anita Tam S Anita
12 Annabel Ho S annabel
13 Chong Huixin S huixin
14 Goi Jia Qi S Jiaqi
15 Hazel Peh S Hazel
16 Jessica Yu M jessica
17 Joanne Song Zhu En S Joanne
18 Junipher Ang XS junipher
19 Tan Zhen Min XS zhenmin
20 Kelly Ong Keli S kelli
21 Lois Chng Si Qi S LOIS
22 Noelle Tay S noelle
23 Benjamin Kee Zhen Yang M KEE
24 Candice Lim XS CANDICE
25 Chang Mei Mei M mei²
26 Chang Mei-Ying M Mei-Ying
27 Crystal Aw S Crystal Aw
28 Finalia Adi Renandya S finalia
29 Luong Ngoc Tuan M Lungotu
30 Stella Goh S stella:D
31 Tan Xin Lin S xinlin
32 Blossom Chan Si Ying S Blossom
33 Clarissa Sentosa S sentosa (:
34 Denise Choong S Denise
35 He Yu Dao L Yudao
36 Koh Yu Lin Rachel S Rachel
37 Timothy Lau M Tim
38 Yvonne Lee Wei Xin XS Yvonne
1 Mr Choo L Terence Choo
2 Miss Leong S Josephine L
3 Miss Low S LTH

So let me know of any changes in the comments below! Ohh! And if you guys have any other suggestions do let me know as well!

-Clarissa Sentosa 😀

p.s. You can put a smiley on your name if you want! If you look at the sample and zoom in, you will realise that beside stella’s name is a smiley “:D”


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